School Council



November 2018 

In November the School Council had two important visitors. One was a vistor to the school who was visiting to find out more about our school and one was our new Governor Mrs Maycock.


October 2018

The School Council took the Harvest festival donations to Re:Store. They helped organise the donations in preparation for the food to be given to families. The School Council really enjoyed supporting this charity. 



December 2016

School council met to judge the winner of the KS1 Christmas Production ticket design. The tickets have now been printed are ready for the performances next week. We have now signed and completed the Changemaker application form and have sent this off. 

November 2016 

School council have decided to work towards a Changemaker award this year which is run by the University of Northampton. It encourages young people to influence change for good and recognises their acheivements in doing so. We will be meeting soon to sign the charter and send off the application form. 

October 2016

School council met to review last years actions and create this years action plan. (see below)

16th September 2016

We have elected our new school council reps. The old school council met with the new school council to complete our handover meeting and share their successes from last years action plan. The new school council were elected into various roles, including chair and secretary. We will meet again in a few weeks to draw up our action plan for the year. 

7th June 2016

Gary Britton visited the School Council to tell them how impressed he was with all their work and progress this term. 

The School Council then reviewed the Healthy Snack Audit results.  This showed that snacks across Key Stage 2 were not always consistent with the school policy.  We decided that they would make posters to encourage children to eat fruit at playtime and explain the benefits of healthy eating.  We are also going to ask the teachers to remind and encourage the children to eat fruit, ask Mrs Gardner to add healthy snacks to the school newsletter and school council to present healthy eating ideas in a school assembly.

We also discussed the idea of having litter monitors and the possibility of compost bins to help Mr George keep our school tidy. We will talk more about these ideas in our next meeting.


20th May 2016

The School Council presented their work to the AFA Examiner. She was very impressed with all their hard work and achievements so far this year. 

Well done School Council you have worked hard and the school has achieved the AFA Quality Mark.


Thursday 10th March 2016

School Council met the Governors.  We talked to them about our progress so far and things we have planned for the rest of the academic year.

They asked us to think about "What more the Governors could do to improve the school?'

We will think about this in our next meeting.


Friday 26th February 2016

School Council designed a snack tracker for Key Stage 2 classes to complete to find out what children are eating at play times.  We emailed this to the teachers to complete over the next week.  School Council are looking forward to looking at the results!

We reviewed and updated the school council action plan.


Wednesday 10th February 2016

During our meeting we had the challenge of voting for the best cover for the 'Pied Piper' production. It was a hard decision because all of the posters were really good.  Well done to everyone who took part.

The two winning covers were selected and were designed by George in 3b and Sophie in 4b. Congratulations and we look forward to seeing the performance.


28th January 2016

Mr Britton from 'Achievement for All' came to visit the School Council. He provided training for the members to enable us to work more effectively together.  The session was good fun and we did lots of different activities.

Key areas which we wish to develop further included:

- A Buddy Reading support group

- Litter (Keeping the school tidy)

- School Lunches

During the afternoon we worked in groups to present our ideas which helped us develop our skills to be an effective School Council.

We had a great afternoon learning and are looking forward to continue to develop our ideas.


Tuesday 19th January 2016

The members of the school council were all given their roles and responsibilities.

These included:

  • Year 6 - School Council Chairs
  • Year 5 - Secretary
  • Year 4 - Publicity Officers
  • Year 3 - Finance Officers
  • Year 2 - Communication Officers

The school council discussed things that make Upton Meadows Primary School so magical.  The members came up with lots of ideas.

“Our Teacher is fantastic because she is great at teaching us Maths”

“Upton is an amazing place decorated with our wonderful work”

“Upton is a special place where we can show our unique side and learn lots of new things”.

“Teachers, friends and lessons that we do are amazing”

“Our school is welcoming and everyone shares and works together to become what they want to be”.

“I enjoy coming to school because it is fun”

“In Science we do fun things like mixing lemonade and juices to make it explode!”

“In PE we do different things like Boxercise, Thi Chi and Yoga”.


The publicity officers will be working to present these on the school council display board over the next few weeks. 

The council discussed the issue of litter in the playground and decided that the publicity officer was going to write a piece about why it is important to look after the environment. The members were going to begin work on designing posters and planning ideas to present in assembly to the school.


30th November 2015

The School council voted the winning design for the Christmas Play Tickets.  They selected the pegs and purchased them for the reading shed.  The school Council discussed the rules required for the reading shed.  Ideas for improving playtimes were discussed and agreed to be a focus for the next academic year.


16th November 2015

School Council talked about the good things which are happening in the school. These included children enjoying school, working together, the lovely resources and caring teachers.  The council then discussed areas which they wanted to improve over the next year. These included improving the resources in the reading shed to include coat pegs and a theme to enhance the area.

15th October 2015

Last Year’s School Council members met with the new School Council and completed the handover. The roles and responsibilities were organised and the new Chair took the lead of the meeting.

15th September 2015

The School Council met to review the action plan for the last academic year.  They were pleased to see how much they had achieved over the Year.  The children are proud of their work especially the developments in the playground including the Reading Shed, Climbing wall and the new methods of organising playtime equipment and games. 

The School Council are pleased to announce that the school has been recognised as a Unicef Rights Respecting School.  They are currently planning the School Council celebration assembly and handover the new School Council for the next academic year…..



March 2015

Mrs Ovey one of the School Governors came to talk to us about her role and we were able to find about how the school is organised.  We told her about what the School Council has done and the projects we are currently working on.


December 2014

We are currently working on a project to improve the outside school grounds.  The School Council has asked each class what they think about the outside equipment and what they might like to improve the playground.  Today we looked through booklets to get some more ideas. It was very exciting. 




November 2014

School Council enjoyed celebrating our recent “Good” Ofsted result with our new sign.

October 2014

Our old School Council have worked very hard handing over to our new elected Council for this academic year.  





A school lunchtime code is almost finalised
PC Lee Sheldon and colleague visited to discuss road safety outside the school.

Achieved Silver School Council Award