Growth Mindset

We have been working really hard on our Growth Mindset at school. The children have really embraced the philosophy and are now using this is in their everyday work in school. It has been lovely to hear some of the children's conversations with each other and with staff sharing their views on Growth Mindset. Here are some quotes from the children. 

           Year 6 


  Year 1

Year 2

“It is challenge you can’t do yet.” Said Raphael.

“Growth mind set means when you get a challenge.” Said Muna.

“Growth Mind set means never stop trying.” Said Maddy.

“It means that you should always listen to what a teacher is saying.” Said Ellie.

“If at first you don’t succeed keep trying and then you succeed.” Said Marwa.

“Keep trying and don’t give up.” Said Amber.

“Growth mind set means you don’t say I can’t do it, you say I can’t do yet and keep practising until you can do it.” Said Olivia.

“Never give up and try your best at your work. “ Said Kason.

“You can improve on everything you do.” Said Omar.

“Try your best.” Said Sahra.